• Priestfield West was designed from the outset with safety and functionality in mind. From the full sized indoor arena to the 200ft by 150ft outdoor arena, the pastures to the stalls, the staff to the available independent trainers, the facilities and services at Priestfield West aim to fulfil all the training requirements for both horse and rider wishing to specialize in dressage, stadium jumping and combined training.

    Shana Davick and her family have owned Priestfield West since 2017. Shana grew up admiring horses since she was a little girl in Iowa. Now she gets to share that love with her daughter who trains for three day events. Shana prefers the casual hack around the farm these days. She cannot believe how lucky she is to share her life and home with such majestic animals. 

  • Love means attention, which means looking after the things we love. We call this stable management. ~George H. Morris, The American Jumping Style